Why 285J machine is consider as one of the worst singer sewing machines?

Hi guys! In this article we discuss about one type of sewing machine but before move into the topic we have to know about what is mean by sewing and sewing machine? The stitches are made up with a help of needle and thread an objects are attaching is called as sewing and this is one of the craft. Sewing machine is one of the machines that are used to stitch a fabric together with a thread as it has the different types like home sewing machine, industrial sewing machine and more. Generally personal sewing machines are intended for only one person to sew their items and industrial machines are faster, larger as it has available in various sizes. The four major types of sewing machines are electric machine, hand machine, pedal\ thread sewing machine and Y33T. The types of hand stitches are back tack, backstitch, basting stitch and blanket stitches that one is used for finishing process. It was invented to reduce the manual sewing this is the importance of sewing machine and also to reduce the money that is used to buy some home decors and kids wearing.

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Singer sewing machine:

The singer corporation is one of an American manufacturer and this machine is the first complex standardize technology sewing machine. If you want to buy it means online shopping is the best way as on internet there are lot of sites are available. The 285J is one of the worst singer sewing machines and it has dark, deep and ugly secret. Why 285J singer sewing machine is consider as worst one means,

  • It has simple bobbin winding and setup as it also has the featherweight needle threading.
  • This machine has the old-style bobbin-winding setup and it has no zigzag stitches only having the straight-stitches.
  • The 285J worst singer sewing machine is only a straight up and down needle machine not a slant needle sewing machine.
  • This has no off-on switches and it has the light only on the top of the machine.
  • The machine has the very strong vibration so the parts and pieces are moving back and forth.
  • The 285J has the needle bar movement in up and down direction so it causing the heavier vibration on the machine.

The singer 185 is also consider as one of the worst singer sewing machine this is also known as nice robust little straight stitcher and this machine has the worst setup in bobbin winding.

The things needed for sewing is bent-handled shears this is used for cutting fabric, trimming scissors this is used for cutting and clipping, pinking shears this is used to cuts the zigzag edges, seam ripper this is used to removing the stitches, cutting board/ table that one is used to prevent any slipping of fabric, sewing gauge this is used for measuring the short lengths, tape measure this has the length of 60inches which is used to take the body measures.

So guys make use of this article and buy one of the best machines which one is suitable for you.